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Arizona Data Center & Colocation - PhoenixNAP

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Our DC Facilities

    • Catastrophic, disaster-free zone
    • Fifth largest US metro
    • Steady growth of IT labor and tech resources
    • Modern power grid with affordable power rates with incredibly high uptime
    • 2N power with primary/redundant configurations
    • 24/7/365 full-time security team
    • Over 25 unique carrier service providers
    • 2 Independent, redundant fiber vaults
    • SOC Type 2 audited and HIPAA ready infrastructure
    • Private Cage Ramp solutions for flexible growth
    • Private, locking ¼ cabs up to private cage colocation product options
    • 24/7 Network Operations Center with full managed support solutions
    • Standard 200 watt/sq. ft. density with capacity for 500 watt/sq. ft. plus configurations
    • Hardware as a Services (Leasing) solutions with dedicated servers and network equipment

  • Bandwidth Provider

    • Internap Japan Co.,ltd. (INAP Japan)
    • AboveNet Communications, Inc.
    • Zayo Enterprise Networks
    • SRP Telecom
    • TruCom
    • Tata Communications
    • NTT Communications Corporation
    • GTT
    • Century Link
    • Optical Communications Group
    • Verizon
    • Telstra
    • BT Netherlands

  • Address:
  • 3402 E. University Dr. 85034 Phoenix Arizona, USA.


    • Ability to configure compute and storage environments up to 500 watts per sq. ft.
    • Leverage every U in the cabinet – flex pods, storage arrays and blades can be placed in a single cabinet
    • Minimize unused space for optimum stability and value per square foot


    • Completely independent power configuration for Primary only or Primary/Redundant power
    • Separate transformers, power conditioning and routes to the client environment
    • Dedicated and configured generator farm for indefinite run times in the case of emergency or power disruption

    SUPPORT 24X7X365

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