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Can I connect my cabinets?
If you have multiple cabinets within a HostHoney facility, we can install a cross-connect to link your spaces together. Please note that an installation fee will apply. For more information, please contact your sales manager.
Can I store my equipment at HostHoney DC?
HostHoney would be happy to receive your shipment if it is being couriered to our facilities in advance of your installation. Please ensure that all fees are paid prior to the shipment reaching HostHoney, as we will have to refuse any shipment with fees owing. We can store your equipment for a few days ...
We recommend you hire a packing company for your packing and shipping needs, as HostHoney is not an expert in that field. In some instances we will permit our staff to pack equipment ,however HostHoney cannot accept any liability for equipment damaged at any time during this process, including transit ...
Yes. All clients of HostHoney in good standing are able to access the facility 24/7/365. If you have encountered an issue with access, please call your sales manager for assistance.
HostHoney provides IPs at no charge. (8 IPv4 ) We do require an IP justification for any IPs totalling 64 or more. To request IPs, please log on to our portal for assistance, please contact your sales manager.
Electrical rules state that any circuit can be used up to 80% of it's rated amount. For example, if you have a 20 amp circuit, the safe zone of usable power is 16 amps. Using any more than this could cause you to trip and lose power to your equipment.If you require additional power, Please contact our sales team.
How do I cancel my contract?
At HostHoney, we understand that sometimes life doesn’t go the way you expected. If you need to cancel your contract, please contact your sales manager to discuss your options.
The Network Operations Center (NOC) is available 24/7/365. Please call 1-800-631-3914, . If you are local to United States, you can call 800-631-3914. You can also email the NOC at noc@hosthoney.com
Your sales manager will coordinate the receipt of your access cards and keys. If you need to pick them up after business hours, we will make arrangements with our NOC or data center technicians, or with building security. Please ensure you bring picture ID.
Please log on to our billing portal to request this information. If you do not have a log in, or have forgotten yours, please contact your sales manager for assistance.
HostHoney technicians are available to provide remote hands services when you can’t make it to the data center. Give our 24/7 NOC a call at 800-631-3914 and we can dispatch technicians to your cabinet. Please be advised that response times may vary by location and charges may apply.
HostHoney invoices at the beginning of each month for co-location and bandwidth charges. All excess traffic over and above your bandwidth commitment level will be invoiced in arrears. Payments are due by the 10th of each month. For your convenience, we accept payments made by check, Visa, Master.
What to do if you are under a Ddos attack: Please call HostHoney’s Network Operations Center at 1-800-631-3914 right away. Our Network Analysts can act immediately to null route your IP and work to reduce the severity of the attack. Charge will be apply.

No we don't accept PayPal. At this moment we are accepting credit and debit cards only ( Master , VISA , AMEX , JCB )

Unfortunately we don't have a refund policy for colocation services.


Can I remotely reboot the server without your help?
Yes. HostHoney reboot technology allows you to reboot your server in the event all connectivity is lost. Just log into your HostHoney portal to initiate the reboot with the click of a button!
Do the Windows servers come with web-based email, or just email?
Windows servers installed without a control panel at HostHoney come with the free version of MailEnable. It does not include a control panel.
Every server will have all the known security patches and safe OS patches applied before you gain access to the server. HostHoney does its very best to provide you with an initial secure installation, but it is up to you to keep the server up to date and secure following installation.
We utilize various forms of Network IDS and monitoring but the security of your server is the server administrator's responsibility.
Our guarantee is 24 hours but we average between 1-3 hours.
Is HostHoney going to perform the backups for my server?
No. Performing regular backups is the responsibility of our customers and is highly recommended. We offer backup options at an additional cost.
Yes. Simply login to your client portal and submit your request via the ticketing console. Each additional IP costs $1.00 US per IP per month. You can get the first 4 additional by just listing the domains in the request form. After 5 IPs per server, you must justify your IP usage per ARI ...
Yes... Absolutely.
We have 30 minute guarantee for replies submitted via the ticketing system but it is typically a far more rapid process.
We need at least 3 days notice as indicated in our Terms of Service if you do not wish to be billed again.
If you provide the SSL certificate, we are happy to install it for you via a paid support ticket.

No we don't accept PayPal. At this moment we are accepting credit and debit cards only ( Master , VISA , AMEX , JCB )

Unfortunately we don't have a refund policy for dedicated servers.

Yes. Although we do not charge for the initial setup and installation we do charge a $35 fee for reinstalling your operating system.

Yes, legal adult content is allowed on our servers. But no child pornography. Child pornography is strictly prohibited in our network.

Operating System you choose. If you want additional software packages added to your server you must request it. Just type in your request in the special instructions section of the online order form.

Oh yes... Its fully managed and free

Please contact our sales team.


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