Host Honey Network
Our Data Centers are carrier-neutral. As a result, you have direct access to bandwidth across diverse and multiple carriers. Our advanced network infrastructure provides you with the access to scale and perform within your business without worrying about your network uptime. Host Honey provides cross connects directly to the customer environment and does not charge monthly recurring cross connect fees. You may leverage one of the following carriers for your connectivity needs:
tw telecom Level 3 Communications AT&T Zayo Group Comcast Business XO Communications

HVAC Data Center Efficiency
Improving Data Center Efficiency by Utilizing Air Flow Management and Blanking Plates

Two of the major challenges facing data center facilities today are proper management of electrical power, and controlling HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) usage. Not coincidently, these components are the largest contributing factors for determining pricing for the entire data center industry, including American Internet Services. Finding the best ways to use less data center power and make more efficient use of our HVAC infrastructure enables AIS to keep our colocation costs down and allows, from an engineering perspective, continued reinvesting and redesigning in new and existing infrastructure.

Data Center Security
Our Data Center Workers military-grade security protocols to protect all physical assets. Our goal is to provide unparalleled peace of mind that your data and information systems are secure and protected at all times, with zero threat of unauthorized access or infiltration. Our specific security profile includes the following elements:
Biometric and key card security for rigid access control Facility monitoring 24x7x365 Reinforced physical structure including concrete bollards, steel-lined walls, bulletproof glass and barbed wire fencing Onsite security guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Video surveillance and recording of the exterior and interior of each facility Access audit trail

Exceptional Support
We don’t just work here: we call Dallas, TX home. And when it comes to local support, we’re the very best at what we do. Our customer team is a dedicated group of sales, project management, service delivery, and account managers whose goal is to provide you the support you need at every turn. Everything we do is centered around services for our customers. Here’s what you’ll get with your data center:
24x7 onsite engineers to manage your data center. 87% first-call resolution 15 geographically diverse Network Operation Centers SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 Report, SOC 3 Report 100% SLA for power, bandwidth, and network availability SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 Report, SOC 3 Report, and PCI Report

Redundant Power
Through the use of advanced parallel power support architectures, Host Honey achieves 100 percent uptime with no interruption in data center power availability for all clients, including those with the most demanding power requirements.
Full redundant data center power architectures ensure uptime of all hardware components, and support 100 percent availability of power to mission-critical information systems and equipment. Separate parallel transformers with separate parallel underground utility feeds ensure seamless core power availability. Dual power feeds from multiple power distribution units (PDUs) within each enclosure support optimal distribution of electric power, with no downtime. Multiple generators, fuel tanks and batteries also ensure seamless power continuity and 100 percent uptime for all components within the facility.

Environmental Data Center Monitoring
From the Network Operations Center, our DC professionals maintain around-the-clock visibility of the data center environment through the use of visual inspection, advanced data center monitoring tools and strict checklist maintenance regimens.

Some clients prefer to execute checklist maintenance procedures themselves, while others opt to have DC personnel perform various tasks including tape rotations and hardware swaps. However, DC maintains 24x7 supervision of all onsite environmental maintenance tasks, to ensure superior performance, data center monitoring and availability across the entire facility.

We use the industry's most proactive network management platform, customized to provide additional functionality that enhances management of all environmental systems housed within each facility. These systems include power, HVAC, fire, security and IDS.